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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Want a Quickie?

I have time to spare and a sparse looking blog, time to spotlight a few fun times...ready for a quickie? Sorry no flash photography!

Last post was July...OK let's start with August.

August 2010- the kids went back to school. Megan is now a big kindergarten girl. Sabrina started high school and Ronnie is in college at UNLV- is there anything that boy can't do?

September 2010- the 11th was Grandma and Grandpa Dillard's wedding anniversary. I love them so dearly!

October 2010- Duh my birthday, enough said! I love celebrating a month all about my birth-joyous!

November 2010- Surprised Audra with a fun Mary Poppins themed birthday party.  Parties are so fun for me, I love seeing all my hard work come together-Success! I also decided to ditch my extensions....what I did not blog about that? REWIND... after graduation my BF Brittany convinced me I needed extensions. I loved them seriously best decision ever made... there is one picture of me with my blonde extensions in below if case you missed out on that.  OK now we are back, yes I took them out despite my fondness of long perfectly blonde hair. I also dyed my hair dark..a little shocking! Thanksgiving came, I made turkey cupcakes they were a big hit!

December 2010- On the 10th I celebrated my birthday again with Audra at the Miranda Lambert concert-L.O.V.E. her!  CHRISTMAS! Love decorating for the holidays, I also loved having Girls Night as Sarah's house with glitter...glitter is my inner strippers best friend! I love all things glitter, combine that with a small candle stick holder, Styrofoam cones and glue and you got yourself a fabulous holiday decorations-for cheap! Dillard family Christmas party was also a blast...I got a $1 date with Sabrina...I have yet to cash that in! No worries I will! Christmas day this domestic Dillard diva was SPOILED! My favorite gift was my new stainless steal Kitchen-Aid...oh the baking I'm going to do with that!

Yay 2011!
January 2011- SUPERCROSS...Ronnie is doing so well this season, we are so proud. Juggling a career, dream and college is tough but if anyone can do it it's him. I loved that kid beyond words, my kids better be like their Uncle Ronnie or ELSE! Emily turned one in style with a very cute ladybug themed birthday party-of course her favorite aunts hooked her up!

February 2011- Caleb's 11th birthday, Grandpa's 90th birthday and soon it will be Tim's 30-something birthday and Luke's 8th birthday- that's a lot of cake!!! Dyed my hair darker (love the color) and cut a few tearful inches off. No worries I have faith it will grow 20 inches this year! :) Decorated the house with a few lovely Valentine's Day crafts- yes I used more glitter! Now just waiting for my hot Valentine to arrive... and I don't mean for a quickie! :)

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